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The 6 Worst Career Mistakes Done In College Life

Want to know about Worst Career Mistakes Done In College.

College life is a very important link in our life or career. If you have set your goal in your college life, you will succeed in life, otherwise many students spoil their career in their college life.

Hi, Guys today we going to talk about Worst Career Mistakes Done In College.

Let’s Begin,

List of Worst Career Mistakes

1. Marks

Our teachers and our parents say that Marks Matter to Much Friends, Marks Don’t Matter as Much Your Teacher and Your Parents Tell You .

Your Teacher and Your Parents Will Keep Saying that If You Are Fail, Your Career Will Be Damaged If your Marks is useful, your career will be spoiled.

Failure is a very bad thing, you should not fail in your life or any exams, you should pass your exam and in all steps of your life but If you are earning marks in the exam, it does not mean that your career will be spoiled.

It thinks a lot about your career. Depends on your hard work and your struggle in your life, how hard you are struggling, and working much hard you are doing. It only depends on your intelligence.

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There are two types of intelligence:

Book Smart

If you have to go far in your life or career, if you are in the technology industry like medicine, engineering and you have to make your future or career in the same field, you should focus on the book smart in any industry. Should you pay attention to street mart?

Street Smart

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Makeshift

Knowing everything about your business and industry, reading about your business and industry, or asking yourself, how can I do this thing better in this business and industry is analytical thinking.

Talking about communication skills, communication skills are very important and the third thing is makeshift, don’t be afraid of any career, don’t be afraid of any industry, If you make a career in life, then you have to make the same scale in career.

Book smart is also important in your life, special, which is your first job, lots of companies, lots of employees see your marks, you see your performance in college because what is important to them is that I am hiring a fellow person. Marks are good its flesh is good, it will be a little hardworking and struggling guy.

Some employees also look at your book smart but pay more attention to Streetsmart. Trust me to book smart came just pass in all your exam don’t feel if You can then study to really well.

2. Festival Participation

There are festivals in every college. Culture Fest, College Fest, and you should also know that there are two types of madness in life and college. Being obsessed with fest, Fest is my life. I have to go to the Committee, I have to become general secretary, that type of insanity is also very bad insanity.

You should know that nothing will be right in your career by shutting down the Secretary-General and staying on the committee.

Your career will not useful from that but yes you will learn from a lot of things and knowledge. Do not obsess over joining the committee and do not want to break my life if I break friendships too, there is no problem, I will remain in the committee or I will remain. This is madness please do not follow.

I will sit here and drink a lot of cannabis, I think a lot of such youth, I know it is also a wrong approach, don’t waste your time in college, please be active.

In college, you can learn a lot by taking lessons in the fest, if you have joined a new committee too and you are either in the committee or not committee and working in the festivals, your college memories and images are made there and your basic work experience better in your life.

Before your career starts, you are learning work experience here and this scale will take away your career, so be a little active in the fest and do not be active with madness.

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3. Building Your CV Through Creation

If you do one thing during your college, your entire CV will become your career. Friends, you should bring a workshop to your college and bring a new club to your college. If you talk to your principal or I want to bring this workshop, I want to bring this club to college.

If you want to start a hacking workshop or you want to start a sports workshop or you want to start a sports club, start an entertainment club, start a music club reading club.

Let’s set this thing up for your college principal and along with that your CV starts glowing because of these things.

When you arrive in the second year, talk to the principal. Talk to your seniors, ask yourself who this man is, I am passionate about this and bring that same passion to my career.

If you have to set up a club, you have to ask yourself what I am passionate about and this thing will give you a lot of sparkle.

4. Internships

Whatever you learn in your life and college, it will remain in your projects and internship, you should know that you get the projects and internship and learn the real makeshifer, career, and future lessons and real world knowledge.

At the time of internship, whether you have to bring coffee for peoples, bring tea, but it’s doesn’t matter.

If you will get to learn a lot of things to your family and old peoples, your mind will be extended. It is a very bad thing in college that when you are in college, your prospect is like your friend’s prospect. You have the same people around you.

Please do an internship during college. If you don’t know how to find an internship, just search Google. Get a college internship in an area near you where you will do an internship.

5. Don’t Give too Much Importance to English

If you don’t know English, it’s not such a big deal to not know English and people don’t laugh at it, man, it doesn’t know English.

If you do not know English, then there is nothing big but you should also know that in the Professional World English is appreciated if you want to take your career further away, then instead of one language, you should get basic of two languages ​​well.

Sentence Constructions, Words meanings, and a Basic Understanding of English must have come to you. So you will have a big advantage and benefits, you will be a big force, so my friend and brothers please focus on a little English as well and it is easy to improve English more.

Watch YouTube English Channel, you will understand Sentence Construction and understand Grammar well and well, and most importantly, you will understand the pronunciation.

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6. Looking for Jobs in Your Field Only

This is a big mistake of people, people think that man, I have done 4 years of engineering, now I have to find an engineering job. This is a big mistake. Becoming a part of rat race.

The rat race is a kind of life and future race. It seems people are doing it right. Let me do it too and then you get stuck in the wrong career. Remember that this situation runs the career of Thousand Plus Youth, so please don’t fall in the rate race.

If your friends around you are pursuing the same goals and career and you think why are you doing this, listen to your heart and your inside soul, please take a break, do not do a job after college, and then find a job where you will enjoy that job. You can do many types of jobs like full-time or part-time in modern times.

The Final Lines

In these articles, we discuss the 6 worst career mistakes that students have done in your college life and they damage our career. Because career is the main and important part of your life without a career you never succeed in your life.

First of all, you clear your goals in your life then your life is successful and you also become a successful man in your life.

So, focus on your goals, work on your career and don’t do this mistakes in your college life.

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