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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Body

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. It is also known that L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C is water-soluble that is naturally present in some foods.

And some animals or humans can not be synthesize of this vitamin – It is therefore an essential dietary component.

It also improves the absorption of non-heme iron and plays a vital role in building wound healing and connective tissue.

It also effects the damaging of free radicals on the skin and your body.

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What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin C?

1. Improves Heart Health

As per one American study, vitamin c plays a role of reducing the risk of heart attack. Multiple cohort studies have demonstrated that higher plasma levels of vitamin C could be linked to reduced the risk of heart disease.

A regular dose of vitamin C can hinder the activity of a protein named endothelin-1, which leads to the constriction of small blood vessels – and this eventually causes a heart attack.

The vitamin c can also low your blood pressure level and keep your arteries flexible.

Vitamin C helps the arteries dilate under stress – this improves your blood flow, and its oxygen-carrying ability as well.

Another Indian study states that fruits and vegetables are highly rich in vitamin C and reduced the risk of heart disease. The study says that a vitamin C-rich vegetarian diet can reduce blood cholesterol by 1%, which reduces the risk of heart attack by 2%.

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2. Regulates Blood Pressure Levels

As per a report, large doses of vitamin C can low your blood pressure level. This function of vitamin C could be attributed to its biological physiological and physiological effects.

Vitamin C acts as a diuretic and causes the kidneys to remove more sodium and water from the body – this relieves the pressure on blood vessel walls.

Vitamin C also protects to your body’s to supply of nitric oxide, a molecule known to relax your blood vessels.

The blood pressure-lowering effect can be attributed to supplements as well – consuming vitamin C supplements in a dose of 500 mg in a day could reduce the systolic blood pressure level by 4 points and diastolic blood pressure level by 1.5 points – period of 2 months.

Vitamin C, according to another Italian study, the vitamin c enhances vasodilation (the dilation of blood vessels that decreases blood pressure level). And it even prevents vasoconstriction.

3. Boosts Immunity

A deficiency of vitamin C reduces your body’s resistance against certain pathogens. As per a study, vitamin C stimulates the immune system by enhancing the protection and strength of the organism.

In addition to protecting the immune system, vitamin C also reduces the severity of various allergies and fights off infections. It all achieves this by enhancing T-cell proliferation to respond to the infection.

It has been found that the individuals suffering from wounds could accelerate their healing process by an optimal dose of vitamin C.

The nutrient had improved your quality of the newly synthesized collagen, thereby this is quickening the process of wound healing.

And coming to the common cold, though more research is required, vitamin C is found to reducing the duration of the cold. We do not know yet that vitamin C can protect you against a cold – but it sure does reduce how long the cold lasts.

Vitamin C is also potential treatment for the asthma. However, some more research is required in this aspect.

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4. Helps Prevent Cancer

Numerous laboratory studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C can slow down the growth of the prostate, liver, colon, and other types of cancer cells. The higher concentrations of vitamin C might also help in the treatment of cancer.

The intravenous administration is a type of vitamin C to inoperable patients with treatment of cancer resulted in a significant reduction in tumor volume without any side effects of your body.

The Ascorbate also killed the cancer cells, as noted in the numerous studies.

Another report by Cornell University had stated that the vitamin C halts aggressive colorectal cancer.

5. AIDS In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

According to the Arthritis Foundation, vitamin C may help prevent some forms of arthritis. But too much of it might worsen some other forms of the condition – which is why finding a balance is key.

Vitamin C helps prevent inflammatory arthritis and maintains healthy all joints in your body with osteoarthritis.

Research all states that people with the lowest levels of the vitamin C would be three times to be more likely to develop inflammatory arthritis.

But as we already all discussed, taking note of the dosage is important. Dietary intake of vitamin C exceeding the RDA recommendation (90 milligrams per day for men and 75 milligrams per day for women) might worsen arthritis symptoms.

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6. Enhances Eye Health

Evidence also suggests that vitamin C intake can lower the risk of cataracts. The vitamin c takes with other essential nutrients and can prevent age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss.

In fact, people with a high intake of vitamin C have a 20% lower risk of cataracts. It also fights oxidative stress by preventing the free radicals from causing molecular damage to the lens tissue in the eye.

Benefits of Vitamin C could also extend the proper functioning of your retinal cells as per studies. This vitamin also supports the health of the blood vessels in your eyes.

The Vitamin C is also aid in the regeneration of the vitamin E in the eye, which further enhances of your eye health.

Regular intake of vitamin C can also aid in the treatment of uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, also called uvea).

The Final Line

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in some foods and added to a few others or must be obtained from the diet or supplements.

It has been linked to many amazing health benefits of Vitamin C, such as Improves Heart Health, Regulates Blood Pressure Levels, Boosts Immunity, Helps Prevent Cancer, AIDS In The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis, Enhances Eye Health and much more.

Overall, the Benefits of Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body. It improves the absorption of non-heme iron and plays a vital role in building connective tissue and wound healing.

So, stay happy and live a healthy or happier lifestyle.

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