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8 Quick Tips for Beautiful Skin: Perfect Home Remedies

If you are someone seeking non-expensive and natural tips for beautiful skin, you are just a few steps away. Maintaining clear beautiful skin and boosting it naturally needs the same priority as our health diet routine does. Our skin is the best reflector of our personality and way of living. Evidently developing technologies have added a huge list of artificial cosmetics taking advantage of our busy schedule.

While we have daily professional and family-based things to attend to, taking out 15 to 30 minutes daily for enhancing skin is worthy.

These were 8 quick tips for beautiful skin without even stepping out of home or buying several creams.

1. Home remedies for happy skin 

As per studies around $8 to 9 is daily being spent on cosmetics by women aged 16 to 75( While there still lies a large mass below the poverty line, India’s cosmetics market is one of the most rapidly growing industries at the rate of 15 to 18% compared to that of the other countries.

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Who knows, when money can come in handy. Instead of wasting cash in parlours and chemical treatments, some really helpful home remedies can rescue both your pocket and skin. Applying any of these ingredients which are easily available in your home, for 10 to 15 minutes, you can naturally get highly rejuvenated skin

  • Dry orange peel powder milk and honey
  • tomato and honey
  • Curd, lemon, and sugar 
  • Aloe vera, turmeric powder (just a pinch), lemon 
  • Multani mitti (sandalwood powder) & milk
  • Peels of potato (powder form) and honey

Applying steam of water or milk helps you maintain a pimple less face. After application of any of the above natural ingredients, washing face with cold (medium) water makes the face radiant and beautiful skin. 

If you are allergic to any of these, or if it harms after applying once or twice,avoid using it.

2. Meditation for youthful skin

Our brain holds the whole access to the body, aura and soul. For a glowing body, the brain needs to work efficiently. Like a battery, working the whole day it needs to charge up and energize itself. 

Thus meditating once everyday helps to empower the brain, repair dead cells and tissues of the body, and gives a happy skin. Simultaneously, the deep breaths taken while meditation, cures stress and depression problems leading to a perfect beautiful skin too. 

3. Yoga asanas for glowing skin

Yoga asanas are the best tips for beautiful skin. The skin, being a sensitive part of the human body, needs extra care to stay nourished and healthy. Yoga plays an essential role in making the body clean and healthy both inside and outside. A time span of 30 minutes per day for asanas blesses the body with no impurities, hydrated and rejuvenated skin. 

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‘Sarvang asana’  is a well-known yoga asana to get glowing beautiful skin inexpensively at home. Moreover ‘the halasan’, ‘the  matsyasana’ and ‘the trikon asana’ are proven wonderful asanas that one must do for best results in a week.

4. Food & drinks

A glamorous skin demands for a healthy skin diet and nutrition. While fruits rank 1st in the list of skin care diets, some skin-friendly food includes avocado, walnuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, fishes, brown rice and spinach which are ideal eateries for skin Nourishment purposes. Avoid oily and too much fat too. 

Adding to it, your favourite fresh smoothies like orange smoothie, blueberry smoothie, apple & pomegranate juices, and lemon drinks enriches your face with a next level glow.

5. Moisturizer & sunscreen

Moisturizer and sunscreen are the best tips for beautiful skin. Most of us have to be out in the direct sun and pollution for hours, which leads to tanning and dry skin. Cleaning the skin, using a quality face wash and then moisturizing it, is a really good skin habit. Departing from home, applying sunscreen lotion helps less tanning and be saved from direct sun.

6. Water for hydrated skin

Last but not the least, water is the most proven tips for beautiful skin in comparison to any of the other factors above. Daily intake of 13 glasses of water not only keeps you away from any disease but also extracts dirt from your body and skin leaving a glamorous tone.

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7. Pills & artificial surgeries

Human body is God gifted and not manual. A lot of people go for plastic surgeries, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing etc which absolutely affects the pocket and carries high risks. 

As per sources, $ 2071 was the expense of skin resurfacing in 2018, whereas amount may vary with the process & procedure. Despite it, people still tend to compromise with their skin and budget and a large number reported that they didn’t get as they expected. 

8. Ayurveda 

Ayurveda or ‘science of life’ is the practice of medicine facts, healing humans naturally. Since a long time, Ayurveda has been curing millions and billions of lives with absolutely natural ingredients & processes. It be skin disease, dry skin, tanning, acne or sunburn, Ayurveda has been the best ever treatment practice for healing any problems naturally.

 Instead of going for expensive and harmful cosmetics involving chemicals, one must opt home-based safe face masks and diets.

The Final Line

FAQs for Tips for Beautiful Skin

What to eat or drink for healthy skin?

Avocado, walnuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, fishes, brown rice and spinach are ideal eateries for a healthy skin diet.

Orange smoothie, blueberry smoothie, apple & pomegranate juices, and lemon drinks are some of the best drinks for beautiful skin. 

Are surgeries and pills safe for skin?

Generally not. (Attempt surgeries only with surgeon’s advice) 

What can I apply daily for hydrated skin ?

Cucumber juice and Aloe Vera 

Which is the best Asana for healthy skin and body? 

‘Sarvang asana’  is well known yoga asana to get a glowing beautiful skin inexpensively at home. 

Moreover ‘the halasan’, ‘the  matsyasana’ and ‘the trikon asana’ are proven wonderful asanas

How much time should I meditate in a day? 

Hardly 20 minutes or even 10 minutes, meditation per day works effectively. 

How much water should I have per day? 

Daily intake of 13 glasses of water is necessary for a skin care routine. 

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