Recipe for Bengali Sweets

Top 10 Recipe for Bengali Sweets Before You Die

Want to know about Top 10 Recipe for Bengali Sweets Before You Die.

Kolkata: The former Indian capital and one of the metropolitans is no doubt a dining king. Ever tried a Bengali dish? The aromatic delicate captivates you to have your first heavenly bite & when it melts on your tongue, the tempting phenomena straight procures your heart away.

Again with no wait, it triggers you to crave the next bite and more. From spicy ‘fish curry’ to sweet and juicy ‘Roshogulla’, Bengali cuisines have excellence in all flavors to satisfy your tummy. 

But the city of art & rich heritage, Kolkata has its magical powers in its Sweets. The Bengal presents a colorful variety of honeyed ‘mishtis’ you must not miss in this birth. 

Enough of mouth watering, let’s get started with some worthy Top 10 recipe for Bengali sweets before you die. 

1. Roshogulla (Rasgulla)

If asked a Recipe for Bengali sweets name, the first name that comes to mind is Rasgulla. 

Roshogulla, the synopsis of the sweet flavor of Kolkata is the most tempting softballs prepared with drained milk solids of whey and kneaded with maida (a flour).

Tossed in Chasini ( sugary viscous fluid), as the Rasgulla melts on your tongue, the creamy chena enrolls, making your taste buds happier than ever. 

Discovered by Nabin Chandra Das, the famous sweetmeat maker of West Bengal, this sweet holds a prominent position in the lists of Indian desserts. 

Total calories: 106 cal per consumption

2. Mishti Doi (Meetha Dahi)

As heavenly sweet as its name says, Misti Doi also ranks in a complementary position with Roshogulla in Bengali sweets history. Tasty and one-of-a-kind yogurt is a magical transformation of simple ingredients like Milk, yogurt, sugar & jaggery. 

An Interesting fact about mishti doi is that it’s health-friendly. Mishti Doi is often packed chilled in a small clay cup called kulhad (bhaar in Bengali) with a wooden/ plastic spoon. Bhapa Doi, one of the ranges of Misti Doi is the must-have Bengali sweet to make your Calcutta visit the successful one. 

Total calories: 362 calories per serving

3. Sandesh or Shondesh 

The well-deserving 3rd rank after mishti doi and rasgulla, Bengali sweets Sandesh is another must-try traditional dessert in West Bengal. This guy comes in creamy white or vanilla shades in looks. 

It’s dry sweet in the 1st expression but no sooner put into the mouth, the chenna starts melting and immersing itself leaving its long-lasting creamy & powdery taste.

Served as an overwhelming dessert with namkeens and chaah (tea), Bengali sweets Sandesh is one of the favorites of almost every native Bengalis. 

Total calories: 188 calories per consumption

4. Malai Chom Chom

Oval or diamond-shaped Malai Chom Chom is like a dream come true to a professional foodie. Have a bite, close your eyes & feel the love & melody the sweet plays.

The worthy efforts to prepare a Malai Chom Chom would be great but what would be more blissful to have it originally from Bengali shops. 

Prepared from flour, full fat milk, khoya and some cardamom to garnish, together gives a perfect delicate outcome called Malai Chom Chom. 

Total calories: 255 calories per serving

5. Langcha 

An elongated brownish structure blended by dipping it into sugar syrup for a long time after frying the flour & milk powder well is Langcha. Like rasgulla, lancha is also the pride cuisine of eastern parts of India. A single piece of langcha is never enough for sweet craving people.

Nowadays rose-flavored langcha is more worthy of having it. Langcha along with its mysterious taste has an interesting history too. It’s believed that once it was offered to Bengal viceroy lady canning on which it is named ladyKenny (ledikeni). 

Total calories: 200 calories per serving

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6. Pantua 

Visually identical to gulab jamun, pantua are deep-fried balls of (sooji) semolina, chenna, milk, ghee, and sugary syrup. The commonly heard myth of non-Bengalis that pantuas are the gulab jamun whereas the used ingredients for the two are different.

Pantuas are chenna based while gulab jamun is maida-based sweets. A largely consumed Bengali notable sweets pantua are no doubt honour of a platter. One is sure to earn gratification after having them. 

Total calories: 65 calories per serving

7. Rajbhog 

The notable Rasgulla’s counterpart rajbhog is the authentic beholder of mild sweetness. Rajbhog is also known as Kesar rasgulla speaks of Bengali’s command in sweet recipes. Paneer, cashews, almonds, pistachios, strand saffron, green cardamom, edible food color sugar & milk are some efficient ingredients for rajbhog. Only in one-time consumption, one gets lost in the rajbhog world. 

Total calories: 125 calories per serving

8. Gulab jamun 

Delightment of the platter in South Asian countries especially India, Gulab Jamun has its own fan base. Also diverse in names like lalmohan, lady Kenny, Gulab Jamun is the circular form of langcha.

Bhim Chandra Nag, the inventor of gulab jamun is once said to have served this dish as ‘jhurre ka rasgulla’.

The very easy recipe of Gulab Jamun requires common ingredients like pure milk, khova, sugar, powdered milk, maida, ghee, saffron, cardamom, rose water, and baking powder. 

Total calories: 300 calories per serving

9. Kheer kodom (Kadam kheer)

Tiny rasgullas coated in fine khoa make this perfect happiness ball ‘kheer kadam’. Dry out wet in, delicious mawa bites may immerse you in all love. Kheer kadam is prepared with the following ingredients: Khoya, milk, strand saffron, powdered green cardamom, sugar, icing sugar, grated coconut, edible food color, lemon juice. 

Total calories: 239 calories per serving

10. Chanar Jilipi (chhena jalebi)

Want to treat your guests with a platter of love? You must never miss this wonderful dessert. 

Soaked in sugar syrup, this is the best what your taste buds had been craving for. Made with pure milk, Kova, and paneer, chana jalebi is the notable cuisine of Bengal.

As per studies, jalebi is said to be the invention of Iran, why some stories deny the fact. Some say that Nemchand Jain who was the founder of the famous cuisine Jalebi. However, the chanar jilipi concept differs from the original. 

Total calories: 612 calories per serving

The Final Lines

It is even known to the world, the Recipe for Bengali sweets ranks foremost in the list of best sweet dishes of the world. These were the Top 10 recipe for Bengali sweets before you die.

However, there are more than 10, but this selected Recipe for Bengali sweets leaves you mesmerized. More notable Bengali sweets names are, malpua, ras malai, payesh, amirti, Patishapta, Joynogorer moa, Mihidana, Buniya, Darbesh, Kacha Golla, Naru, Lobongo Latika, Sitabhog, Goja & more. The diversity of Bengali sweets has no end. 

Note: This blog is for information purposes only. Calorie information is as per experts. 

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