Peels of Fruits and Vegetables

Don’t Throw Them: 18 Remarkable Peels of Fruits and Vegetables

Are you throwing these peels of fruits and vegetables? Do you have any idea how beneficial they are? 

This blog answers why the peels do not deserve to be sent to garbage. 

So, Let’s begin. 

When it comes to health priorities, we often blindly believe in unnatural & chemical cures. The even saddest part is staying unknown to the uses of resources, that are tossed into the garbage, that have been gifted by mother nature. 

One of those underrated resources is the fruits and vegetable skin. Normally, after the consumption of the soft edible part, 75% of us think the best part of the fruit/veggie is of no use, which is so much untrue! As per research, fruit peels can be used in more or less 100 ways.

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18 Peels of Fruits And Vegetables That Can Be Used In Some Way

While fruits already are considered to be a healthiest source, these 18 Peels of fruit and vegetables are unbelievingly amazing in the list. 

1. Avocado

You may have avocado tea or prepare avocado powder, and even make an avocado paste and apply it to enhance your skin tone. 

2. Banana

You may use it as a moisturizer or puffiness healer. 

3. Orange

Orange candies all-time favorite. However, face masks can be the best solution to recycle orange peels. 

4. Lemon

Lemons can glitter up your jewelry, and also can remove bad stains from clothes. 

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5. Apple

Peel of this fruit can be utilized as apple peel jelly & pickles. 

6. Potato

Potato peels may provide you perfect face masks. It also has the quality of darkening your grey hair. 

7. Papaya

Papaya peels face scrub not only removes dead cells but also lets you gain natural glowing skin. 

8. Watermelon

Fiber-rich skin of watermelon can be used to prepare delicious jams, jellies, and candies. 

9. Onion

Relaxing onion skin tea and spicy soup are some uses of onion peels. 

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10. Grapefruit

It is used in some citrus-flavored meat dishes and grapefruit tea. 

11. Garlic

Garlic pills are said to be helpful in cardiac diseases. 

12. Tomato

Tomato peels mainly get you versatile tomato powder which you can use in several delicacies. 

13. Lettuce

The skin of this vegetable can be the source of delicious platters and mouth-watering reasons like chicken lettuce wraps, etc. 

14. Coconut shell

Used for ropes and nets because of its fibrous feature, the coconut husk is one of the most useful peels among vegetables.

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15. Eggplant

The skin of the eggplant is responsible to reduce cardiac diseases. (Note: Not all skin of eggplant health benefits)

16. Cucumber

Well trusted for hydration purposes, cucumber peels may get rid of your puffiness or dark circles of your eyes. 

17. Cauliflower leaves

Spicy soup, sour pickle, cauliflower leaves are tongue-friendly peels. 

18. Kiwi

As per studies, nutritious kiwi skin is completely edible and can boost your vitamin E concentration. 

Properties of Fruit Peels Contents

Studies say that, peels being fibrous, and enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are considerably more nutritious parts of a plant. Citrus peels contain the highest antioxidants while edible green banana peels can reduce the chances of cancer. 

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Some peeling of fruits and vegetables consists of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and silica like cucumber which can be entrusted to hydrated skin and body. 

Nasunin contained by eggplant shields brain cell membranes & gets rid of the waste products.

7 Peels of Fruits and Vegetables Good for Skin

Organic facial masks by veggies can let you be away from the dark side of chemical treatments or expensive therapies. Here’s the list of some ideally fruit peels for skin

Best recommendable  7 peels of fruit and vegetables good for skin are:

1. Banana

Rubbing it’s peel on face not only gives radiant skin but also your skin gives away wrinkles. It is a proven cure to eye’s puffiness. Banana skin can act as the best moisturizer to hydrate skin. 

2. Cucumber

Put a cucumber peel on your eyes and all your dark circles are gone. Cucumber peels are completely edible and are a rich source of silica. 

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3. Orange

From delicious candies to remarkable organic face masks, orange can be said to be the king of fruit baskets. Orange powder + a spoon of honey give the magical outcome for skin. 

4. Lemon

Being a citrus fruit, lemon already includes into a list of best fruits for skin. Use lemon scrub for best acne treatments. 

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is a perfect ingredient for a face mask. 

6. Watermelon

Use watermelon Juice on face for hydrated nourished skin. 

7. Papaya

Make a papaya paste to apply on face. 

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FAQs of Peels of Fruits And Vegetables

1. Which fruit is good for skin glow?

Citrus fruit like lemon and oranges, and some juicy fruits like pineapple, papaya & watermelon are ideal fruits for skin

2. Which fruits contain fiber?

The answer to which fruits contain fiber can differ as the quantity of dietary fiber varies from fruit to fruit. Apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries all notable fruits that contain high fiber the rest of all fruits. 

3. Which is the best fruit for skin whitening?

As per studies orange ranks the first in the list of best fruit for skin whitening. Orange peel powder with milk application on face can be claimed as one of the best treatments for skin. 

4. Which juice is best for skin? 

Juices of watermelon, orange, cucumber and apple are rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for skin. 

5. Which is the best fruit for skin and hair? 

A list of best fruits for skin and hair includes blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries, and sweet potatoes as many of them are rich sources of vitamin c.

The Final Lines

The recycling of fruit scraps not only fulfills our domestic needs but also saves us from the disposal of waste problem. As a citizen, it is our responsibility to lessen the litter, and utilise as much as waste we can. 

Usually, people tend to throw a large mass of garbage that contains useful peels. So the above tips were all about what peels of fruits and vegetables can be used and how. 

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