Latest Treatment for Coronavirus

The Latest Treatment For Coronavirus

The article “Latest Treatment for Coronavirus Updates” provides all the information according to who reports coronavirus in India.

India is paying its worst to the Coronavirus these days. Violation of the rules is normal, while the piles of corpses can be seen burning on the footpaths. The helpless public hardly has any source to meet the needs of necessary oxygen cylinders or plasma for serious patients.

Also, the mass is facing hesitation in the case of vaccines & meds due to fake forwarded messages in Whatsapp. This article would highly help you with every true detail & fact to cure a coronavirus patient at home securely.

Increasing Cases Average

There were more than 5.1 lakh new cases of COVID-19 worldwide at the end of April. The deaths from the same have reached over three million approx.

Dates Increasing cases per week
April 4, 2021375040
April 22, 2021265173
April 15, 2021175911
April 8, 2021108202
April 1, 202165211
March 24, 202144704
March 17, 202127006
March 10, 202118377
March 3, 202115716

Death Rate

According to the records to date, the disease has engulfed more than 3 million lives. Only in Maharashtra, 67985 people lost their lives. Kerala witnessed 5,259 deaths while the death rate reached 15,306 in Karnataka. Uttar Pradesh has recorded 12,238 people ending their life journey.

These increasing digits still have not terrified a lot of people who hardly care about the situation and are roaming outside without a mask or sanitizer, even after several severe warnings. 

Covid Symptoms

Covid Symptoms

Usually, the virus takes 5 to 6 days on average to react to a body from when it enters or infects to show the symptoms, it might take up to 14 days too. 

However, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes are quite common symptoms of a Corona patient. 

The most common response of the Corona infected body is fever, dry cough, and drowsiness. 

But if someone is facing difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, and loss of speech or movement they need to contact a doctor and reserve a ventilation bed very soon. 

How to treat coronavirus patients at home?

As the virus has tremendous similarities with seasonal and viral fever, it’s difficult for a common man to differentiate between the two, which is getting the hospital beds reserved even for the minor problems of a patient while the serious patients are losing their lives. Also, the dark side of politics & medical houses are costing lives & hard-earned cash of a poor man severally. 

So here’s the complete rescue solution for a coronavirus patient to be well at home with certain measures. 

  • First & foremost, it’s needed to check on yourself that “Are you really corona +ve or not”.

How to know if I’m Corona positive?

Ask yourself if you are facing the above symptoms. What are the symptoms you’ve been facing? Did you come into contact with any positive patients? Have you traveled in history recently? Since when are you facing these symptoms? Are you feeling weak and incapable all the time? 

If you’ve all the positive answers to the above question, schedule a call right now for covid-19 test. 

What next if I test positive for Covid?

  1. No sooner have you tested positive for covid-19 isolate yourself than and there. Initially, you must keep yourself away from animals and humans to spread the illness, symptoms get improved. 
  2. Monitor your temperature from time to time. 
  3. In case of mild symptoms, take better care of yourself, stay hydrated, and have complete nutrition. 
  4. Keeping all the healthy measures, an infected person can get better in just 2 to 4 weeks. 
  5. Follow exactly what your doctor says
  6. Don’t panic much. Try to keep your mood always up. 


As per the latest treatment of coronavirus updates, the Corona remedies medicines listed below must only be consumed under the supervision of a professional physician. 

A coronavirus patient may have one of these Corona remedies medicines below. 

  • Inhaled steroids Budesonide can be given for patients to breathe (twice daily 800 MCG dose) 
  • Dexamethasone 6 mg per day 
  • Prednisone 40 mg 
  • Methylprednisolone 30mg 
  • Hydrocortisone 150 mg


Corona Vaccination

Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V vaccines have been approved for usage in India till now, according to those who report coronavirus in India. 

Two doses of any one vaccine is a must to have to fight Covid firmly. It is seen that people are hesitating or refusing to take the vaccine after going through the forward messages on WhatsApp, which can worsen the state of the country.

No message forwarded on WhatsApp is certified by Health Ministers or Doctors, while the vaccinated people have successfully overcome the virus even before being hospitalized. 

Tools and Kits

As per experts advice here are some tools and kits you need to cure coronavirus at home. 

  • Pulse oximeter- to measure the periodical oxygen saturation of a patient. 
  • Thermometer- to measure the periodical temperature of the infected patient. 
  • Gloves and masks- for the person who is taking care of the patient. 
  • Garbage disposal bags and hand sanitizers- 
  • Spirometer- for deep breathing exercise (Optional). You may go for deep breathing yoga 
  • Betadine gargles- to improve throat irritation. (Optional). Also, you can gargle three times a day. 

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Your platter is the key to good health. Corona remedies products would be healthier in order to empower the antivirus in the body. 

Since the cure is in your kitchen, let’s know what to consume or which Corona remedies product to consume while in coronavirus and what to avoid. 

  • Consumer lot of moong daal (yellow lentils) 
  • Have a good amount of green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, curry leaves which fulfill your body’s needs for iron calcium, and necessary protein to fight the virus. 
  • Use plenty of turmerics while cooking like in milk, Haldi karha, and in all vegetables. 
  • Legumes and lentils- chickpeas, peas (chole, matar, chana)
  • Black pepper and cumin (jeera)
  • Eat fruits daily – papaya, apple, pomegranate, grapes, strawberry, pineapples, 
  • Seasonal fruits mainly
  • Vitamin C- orange, lemon, etc for citrus power. 


According to the Latest treatment for coronavirus updates being in quarantine, you must exercise for a couple of hours daily. This may include cycling, hiking, push ups, squats, skipping, and all you can do at home. 

However covid infected patients must follow these two points suggested by experts

  • 10 to 15 minutes of walking
  • The beating pranayam like anulom vilom, kapalbhati etc

Essential tips to follow while caring the coronavirus affected patient at home

The mentioned tips must only be followed by the patients who fulfill the condition below: 

  • The patient no more needs hospitalization
  • The symptoms are too mild.
  • The patient is getting better with the passing days. 
  • Resources are not sufficient to cure the patient
  • Hospitalization has been refused

If one’s situation fulfills all the conditions above, are therefore eligible to follow the steps given

  • First and foremost it is essential to measure the rising or decreasing temperature for oxygen saturation of a patient. Hence its needed to keep monitoring the temperature and oxygen saturation of the patient level every hour 
  • Keep sanitizing both the person in charge & the patient. 
  • Do not leave the room without the permission of the physician
  • Wash your masks in hot water everyday
  • Eat more of juicy vegetables and fruits like cucumber, tomato etc 
  • Sleep in the prone zone that is sleeping on your belly. Maintain a proper sleeping time of 7 to 8 hours. 
  • Be positive. Read good books. Spending time with your friends online on group video chat is possible. 
  • Avoid negative videos on YouTube on media

These were the guidelines on “Latest treatment for coronavirus updates”. We ensure that the information provided is researched information purposely to help a Corona patient overcome the virus with an accurate needy cure at home.

However, it is suggested that the medicines, vaccines, & tools, or kits must be used only under the supervision of a physician.

FAQ about Latest Treatment for Coronavirus

Can the COVID-19 survive in drinking water?

No specific evidence has been found of the virus surviving in the water. In fact, water fights the alien virus of the body, so water drinking habits must be encouraged.

How long does the Covid-19 vaccine last?

With mild symptoms, the coronavirus lasts just two to four weeks. However the drowsiness may take 6 months to be cured.

What happens if you don’t get your second Covid shot?

Missing a second shot may let your immunity weaken soon helping the virus to invade the body. The second shot Must be taken within 6 to 9 months after the former. The 1st shot of the vaccine is capable of shielding the body until 6 months to 9. Breakdown process takes place thereafter.

What are the mild symptoms of covid-19?

The mild symptoms of covid-19 include fever, sore throat or throat pain, body pain (headache mainly), drowsiness and loss of taste and smell. Mild symptoms don’t need any hospitalization. One can overcome it with immense care in 2 to 4 weeks at home.

How long do coronavirus symptoms last?

Mild symptoms of coronavirus may last up till 14 to 30 days hence hospitalization chances may get reduced. However serious symptoms stay longer than 30 days, patients may still recover by 6 months. 

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