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Imagine Meats India: Vegan Meat Brand By Riteish Deshmukh

Imagine Meats India, the vegan meat India brand launched by Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh, is high in the air these days. The said meat would be prepared by absolute veggies-based ingredients but with meat-ish flavor taste and odor.  

Imagine Meats India is stepping in Mumbai, Maharashtra before the end of the year. As per studies, more than half of India would love to have a healthy meat substitute by Imagine Meats India.


According to Mrs. Deshmukh, Imagine Meats India is expected for people who seek non-veg tastes without the guilt of environmental and public health impacts – just as it will be for their own family.

Nonvegetarian has always been their taste preference, However, they are happy vegetarians since 4 years, claims Mr. Riteish Deshmukh. Vegetarian Deshmukh family. 

Sanjay laud, the managing director at ADM says that he is glad on end results of the plant meat venture of Deshmukh’s. He also added that he was quite excited about the typical public response towards vegan meat in India.


Allied with a nonprofit organization (GFI), The plant-based meat company successfully partnered with (ADM) Archer Daniels Midland, the American-based corporation. 

Varun Deshpande, the MD of Good Food Institute says, India is taking its initiative, in a sector that is soaring globally and demonstrating a model to save the planet.


The Indian reality shows Bigg boss host Salman khan with the co-founder Ritesh Deshmukh himself announced about Imagine Meats, vegan meat India brand on the BB finale day, 21st of February. Salman says that the meats are identical in taste like chicken and mutton.

Additionally, being a good source of protein for vegetarians, this alternative meat would be an opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with the taste of meat, now can taste it in their favorite veg recipes.

The Instagram page of imagine meats is analyzing personal opinions and reviews about vegan meal plans from the Indian public via Google form and in the bio which asks personal preferences regarding meat substitute and their opinion whether they might change into complete vegetarian or vegan in near future or not.

Alternative Meat Recipes

Imagine meats

Cuisines would be processed by vegan meat India includes ingredients like Soy, Wheat, Pea, quinoa, oats, beans, nuts, and seeds to make mouth-watering delicacies -Burger patties, strips & nuggets, sausage, meatballs, slices, fillets, cutlets, slides, fingers, crumbles, mutton seekh kabab, and chicken biryani and more replacing beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb or turkey into it. 

However, experts say that the meat is beneficial, but it can’t be replaced as a whole as a substitute for whole foods. 

A regular diet with a staple amount of veggies and non-veg is a must. 

Consumption Data 

Though only 1% of USA-based consumers are having plant-based meat. Unconditionally, the plant-based meat market is the future market dominant. The rising waves of switching to planet-friendly meat may increase its overall market value from 11.1 billion USD to 35.5 billion USD in the coming 8 years. 

Considering the footsteps of Imagine Meats in India, the land of billions, increments of vegan meat consumption can be foreseen till 2025. 


  • Red meat is the biggest factor for cardiac diseases & cancers. The vegan meat would save people from Bird flu, swine flu, etc animal-based diseases up to a large extent.
  • Major investment.
  • Indian economy increment.
  • Eco and health-friendly food.
  • Will provide nourishment to globally unnourished people without having nonvegetarian insecurities.
  • Would save animals.
  • Happy heart and belly (reduce constipation chances)
  • Healthy sleep.
Imagine meats


Though the meat would have lots of merits, including taste satisfaction, health care it may or may not fail to reach the far-away consumers, it may or may not fail to satisfy taste as taste or flavors depending on a person to personal preferences.

Though being economically friendly too, it might take time for the common public to believe in the quality of technically fake meat. Hoping for good, plant-based meat will soon be included in the diets on a large scale healing the future of both animals and humans without many complications.  

FAQ about Imagine Meats India

Is plant-based meat healthy?

A big yes. Plant based meat is practically healthier than processed meat which has been welcoming animal based diseases like swine flu, bird flu since years etc.

What is the concept of Plant-based meat?

A lot of people must have doubts regarding plant based meat meaning as this concept is still new for a large mass. Plant based meat is a meat alternative to the complete processed animal based meat, consisting of pure vegetarian ingredients like pea, nuts and beans.

Where to buy plant-based meat?

Globally, the plant-based meat companies have several brands collaborating on the list. Some of them are: Beyond meat, Gardein, Morning Star farms, Gold & green food ltd, Quorn, Imagine Meats (on the way)

Where can I find plant-based meat in India?

Plant-based meat in India has numerous brands like Vegeta Gold, the Vegan Eatery, Vezelay, Ahimsa food, etc.

The Final Lines

The vegan meat brand Imagine Meats India is set to be launched by the end of the year in Mumbai Maharashtra. Replicating the whole processed animal-based meat like lamb, chicken, turkey, mutton, and fish, etc, the brand has plans to bring on Indian nonveg delicacies without any real meat in it. 

Vegan meat is absolutely healthy as being manufactured by plant-based protein with identical tastes and appearance. The brand promises pocket & tongue-friendly dishes like mutton to seek kabab, chicken curry, chicken biryani, roll, etc. The brand is said to soon hit the market before 2022. 

Imagine Meats was promoted at the Big Boss finale stage on 21st February 2021 by two big icons Salman Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh, the co-founder of the brand.

This was all about the new vegan meat India brand by Riteish Deshmukh, Imagine Meats India.

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