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10 Factors to Maintain Good Health & How to Stay Healthy

How to Stay Healthy?

The main factors of good health are how to stay healthy and what we can do to prolong our life and not just prolong it, but to be in our best shape and health and not sick with a chronic diseases.

The general health and overall wellbeing are maintained our strengthened by a combination of a few important equally factors, and the outcome is a result of our daily actions and habits.

All these factors are under our control, you and only choose what can you eat, how much you can move, how long you can sleep, etc.

I tell my clients that they have the power to control their health, they can choose to stay healthy through the decisions that they make on a daily basis. Lifestyle choices are simple.

As I often say, your body is like a car. Take care of it and it will run for a long time. Don’t give the proper maintenance and it will break down.

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Here, 10 factors to maintain good health and how to stay healthy?

1. Good Nutrition

Food provides carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals essential for our bodies. Drinking water is also essential as it is the single largest component of the human body.

We should eat foods that are full of the nutrients listed above. We should not eat foods that are classified as empty calories. For example, a chocolate bar has calories but no vitamins or minerals.

2. Regular Exercises

There are 3 general categories of exercise: aerobic, strength training, and stretching. Aerobic exercises are things like walking, hiking, swimming, and cycling.

These exercises help your heart stay healthy and lungs stay healthy and should be performed 3 times a week.

The strength training may involve using the weights but also includes exercise such as pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, etc.

The strength training helps to build and maintain your muscle mass which is what absorbs the energy first when performing tasks.

When your muscles become fatigued then your joints and bones take the brunt of the task and can break down.

The stretching exercises keep us flexible and help to maintain your mobility.

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3. Enough Rest

Most of us need 7 to 8 hours of rest per night, though there are those that need more or less.

Avoid the sleeping on your stomach since you have to turn your head to the breathe.

This results in abnormal stress on the neck and upper back of you body.

Don’t slouch when you sit! Sit straight up with you back against the back of the chair and your feet flat on the floor.

4. A Positive Mental Attitude

The negative emotions and thoughts can actually helps you to change your body chemistry and in a sense poison your body.

You are going to have your ups and downs, but generally having always a positive attitude towards your life is much healthier.

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5. Nervous System Integrated

Your brain communicates with the body through your nervous system. If there is trouble with this connection health problems can arise.

Nervous system “interference” occurs in the spinal area due to the close proximity of the spine to your spinal cord and spinal nerves.

The chiropractors check the spine for the proper of your alignment and mobility because of the causes and effects it has on the nervous system.

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6. Have Fun, Happiness, And Purpose In Life

Last but not least, happiness is really important to have a healthy lifestyle.

You can have a great diet, excellent sleep, and exercise routine to maintain your healthy body, but what does it mean if you are not happy?

Every morning when you wake up, you should have a smile and feel that you are having a great day.

When you are happy, all aspects of your lifestyle will support you and everything will fall into place.

Happiness also leads to a better function of the immune and digestive system, better sleep, better appetite, and also prevents you from getting into depression.

It is very important that you actually enjoy every day of your life, you do what you love, you are surrounded by people you like, and you feel your purpose in life.

Nothing is worse than your mechanical performance at tedious work on a daily basis without getting any satisfaction from what you do. Never be afraid to stop, observe the situation, and resume your life/job/relationship, whatever it may be.

And this often requires getting out of your comfort zone, but don’t be afraid, it’s always better to try and see where it brings you, never try!

7. Laugh Every Day

Do you laugh every day and do you spend your time laughing every day?

Do you find ways to laugh all day long?

When you have a laugh, you release that a happy hormone called oxytocin. This is a hormone that helps you share your experiences with others. It helps you get along with them and elevates you.

Even just smiling to yourself will make you feel good.

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8. Positive Thinking

Can you stay positive every day and do you think positive every day?

The Positive Thinking increases your energy level and at the same time enhances your productivity and creativity.

If you keep your mind positive and think positive every day, you will be able to feel happy and you will be happy besides you will get success in life.

“Happiness is the precursor to success.” – Shawn Achor

9. Meditate Yourself Daily

Do you meditate to relax your mind and body?

Meditating, Sitting calmly and taking deep breaths for 10 minutes all of this to relax your mind and body to stay healthy and fit.

In doing so, you get touch in with your inner-self, and invariably by doing this you will see little better yourself.

It is definitely a booster on the scale of happiness. Which will give energy to your body or happiness.

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10. Eat Healthy Food Daily

Do you eat healthy food every day?

If you eat more than noodles, fast food, street foods or eat out restaurants, then you are spoiling your health, it increases your weight, increases your stress level.

Eating more oily foods outside can increase your health problems. How can you look and feel if the food you eat is not good for you?

By eating better, you are not only taking care of yourself, but you will feel more lively and energetic, you will actually be healthy from the inside out and you will feel happy.

The Final Line

Factors of good health and overall wellbeing are maintained and strengthened by a combination of a few equally important factors, and the outcome is a result of our daily actions.

There are 10 factors to maintain good health and how to stay healthy including good nutrition, regular exercises, enough rest, a positive mental attitude, have fun, happiness, and purpose in life, laugh every day, meditate yourself daily.

So, stay happy and live a healthy or happier lifestyle.

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