How to develop personality and smartness

How to Develop Personality and Smartness: 16 Incredible Ways

The reason of why should you learn about how to develop personality and smartness lies here-

You must have come through people who always become the centre of attraction and attention by their eye catching qualities, which distracts you from the crowd. To be one of those highlight personalities, you must know how to look unique. This blog is an alternative for reading lots and lots of books or watching videos on how to develop personality and smartness.

Given below are the 16 easiest and powerful ways to learn how to develop personality and smartness.

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Before answering ‘how to develop personality and smartness’ let’s know,

What is meant by personality development

Personality development simply refers to the specific development in an individual’s trait that lets him stand out of the crowd. 

Importance of personality development

It needs no fact to be proved that the winner is one who deserves. But it never comes as a birthmark. It takes time to build self like a winner or a leader. 

Personality not only differs you from the next human in the run but also leads you to think, work and move like none. Each one owns his own personality and smartness in his way. Each one has his own dream path to go. But at the end of the day, only a few better Personalities win to achieve the dreams in the chaos of millions. But then why? Haven’t their efforts been effective? What’s that makes them more deserving? 

The answer lies in Personality itself.  In a broader sense, designing yourself in a way that you be naturally accepted as a winner and successfully earn with the same hustle as them is what Personality development or Personality betterment is. Let’s learn how:

Tips how to develop personality and smartness

1. Follow your ideal 

Path of life becomes easier following our inspiration. We don’t need to copy someone but learn from their deeds. This results in fewer mistaken decisions and steps in life.

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2. Be a man of principles

Be a man whose words are worth. Only your principles can get you respect and love so, do and say only what you meant. Avoid wrapping yourself into principles only. Choose between principles and ethics where needed. 

3. Learn to express uniquely 

Be confident and sure of what you speak. Try to make it interesting to know more about. Avoid sounding dramatic. 

4. Be one of a kind 

Be a tough human with a soft voice. As like being ‘one of a kind’ and ‘being kind’ simultaneously. Look bold, stay calm. 

5. Give ears to all, speak ultimately your words 

Accept opinions but take your own decisions. Don’t let the chaos confuse you. It’s better to take time & being sure of what to say. 

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6. Work on your looks

How you appear matters a lot. Maintain your physique, work on your skin, and hair. Gym out if possible. 

7. Stay extrovertish

Shy people stay like shadows, hiding behind the confident people. So stop hiding & start meeting new ones. Never avoid eye contact. Follow the mid path of talking a lot or just standing numb.

8. Be sarcastic occasionally 

Scientifically proven, sarcastic people get more attention than straight forward talkers. But remember, sarcasm has a limit and an appropriate moment. 

9. Be best version of yourself

Be your best always. It doesn’t mean never making errors but trying to touch the edges of perfection. 

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10. Work on self such that you stay highlighted

Be like a lion in a pack of wolves. But avoid being an attention seeker. Stay attentive and interact with others (even competitors). 

11. Never underestimate anyone, neither yourself

The power of silence can never be measured. So never try to underestimate your competitors. Put a smile and take your steps in silence. Stay motivated. There can be a thousand ways to win. Even if you fall, stand up, chase it again. 

12. Be passionate

Never waste your time for anyone, not even yourself. Be unstoppable as life is like water – as you stop flowing, you get stagnant . Be passionate to learn new skills and languages. Utilise every minute you have to build yourself. 

13. Know the skill of emotional intelligence

You must know how to manage your emotions as well as being sensitive to others’ feelings & how your actions may affect them. 

14. Work on your communication skills

Even being a better observer, if you lack how to communicate it, you feel to stand apart from the rest. Learn how to interact and communicate your views in a different way. 

15. Stay enthusiastic 

stay enthusiastic and prepared for any challenge. An enthusiastic person often gets highlighted with his  high spirit and energy. A dumb and silly person is less the source of attraction. 

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16. Be exceptional with your body language

Your body language alone can explain your personality without a word. Learn how to behave, to talk and to express in impressive and exceptional ways. Practice before the mirror before you make it in real life. Also, silly body language can get you mocked. 

The Final Line

These were the 16 incredible ways on how to develop personality and smartness

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Have a great day.

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