How Can I Improve My Communication Skills

8 Basic Tips: How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

Want to know about How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

Before knowing how can I improve my communication skills , we need to know what is effective communication?

What is effective communication?

Practically effective communication is such a way of delivering communication in an effective and excellent manner that results in a successful outcome. 

Importance of communication in the organization

Ways of communication highlights one’s ability to present his personality or description about something. As per studies, the pro-speakers are preferably hired by large organisation’s recruiters compared to non-fluent speakers as they strive for fluent, confident employees only. 

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Communication and language are inter-related but the myth that “how to communicate” is so dependent on “how you master a language” is slightly untrue. Language is just a track or path to communicate. Mastering a language definitely designs our way to convey which is a part of communication skills. Ideas, beliefs, observation, thinking behavior and perception, etc directly influence our way to communicate up to large extent. Communication skills are not only about grammar but about exploring, self-opinion, confidence, expression, demonstrating perception, thinking, and arguing abilities. 

Reading, writing and conversation are 3 Ladders to approach communication skills. Reading encourages analysis, exploration and learning while writing results self acknowledgement ( to examine what we learnt) and vocab-testing. Conversations allow arguing and describing abilities. Nervousness sometimes refrains from correctly speaking while practice enhances and strengthens the speech. Factually communication empowers to handle ‘facing large personalities’ and adds leadership skills into an individual as well. 

It’s correctly said that ‘everyone can learn but rarely can cite properly’. Do we see any of the CEOs, founders or any higher professionals without proper communication skills? The answer is of course not. This clearly determines the importance of communication in organization. Listening more and speaking less is a key way to add more and more into your vocab list. Speaking specific, right gestures, and expressions adds values to ‘the content as well as to ‘the speaker’. Any of the head positions of any organisation is replaced by a confident, fluent personnel and not the one who only has the degrees. 

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Ethical communication processes healthy and mindful conversation which is likely productive.  Hence it clears that communication skill is key to success.

How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

Following these 8 Brilliant Tips How Can I Improve My Communication Skills, you can build up to be skilled communicator. 

1. Brain as a word stocker

Our brain is the smartest engineer of all times. The moment you’re asked a question, your mind starts collecting its opinion, frames into a set of words and tries to present it as a structure which is quite time-consuming if English isn’t your first language but it will be done in your way. 

It’s a fact that how to make yourself confident depends on how much you practice and love the language. Remember that only practice makes a man perfect.

  • Talk to yourself everyday
  • Take feedbacks
  • Listen to the great personalities
  • Participate into public speaking and extempore opportunities
  • Never give up
  • keep learning (never think of that you are done with the language learning few vocabularies.)
  • Note down where you are going wrong. 
  • Go to a mentor 

2. Fluency in delivering

It’s very important to keep in mind that stuttering, in the beginning, is completely fine. Speed has nothing to do with the language you need to think about, collect and then speak. Yes, fluency matters but a fluent speech means smoothly and meaningful delivered communication. Reading habits enhance vocabulary and mind dictionary. 

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3. Conceptual talking

Fluently speaking wrong may leave you nowhere. One should have complete knowledge of what he speaks. It is not absolutely fluent to speak of what you don’t exactly know about. Even if you have the basic idea of the topic, take your time, answer accordingly. 

Reasonable speakers are more entertained than the void non-conceptual speakers. Again reading and analysis plays an imperative role in gaining knowledge about a specific topic. 

4. Expression and gestures

Your presentation is judged 25% on ‘what you are presenting’ and 75% on ‘how you present’. An impressive body language generates interest to the listeners for the content. There lies a big difference in rote learning speakers and a speaker, successfully explaining it with gestures and expressions, interested in his content.

No audience would like you to stand numb and nervous before them. So keep smiling, believe in your audience, believe in your script and go for it. 

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5. Vocabulary

An outstanding vocabulary may let you stand out of the crowd. Choosing an appropriate phrase for your communication is tough but makes your speech highly appreciable and attractive. practice reading and writing to include various vocabulary, phrases and words into your mind dictionary. 

6. Speaking manner

As you have heard before, the first impression is the last impression. So how you speak matters a lot. 

  • Speak with your chin up
  • Always keep smile
  • Talk politely
  • Take perfect pauses when needed
  • Never look down to someone 
  • Never go negative or abuse in your words. (Argument and criticism required only  as per situation)
  • Never interrupt in mid of a conversation
  • Greet before you start
  • Take feedback if possible
  • Talk less listen more 
  • If you’re blank regarding a topic then say ‘I’ve no idea’ instead of ‘I don’t know’ which sounds typically rude. 
  • Never correct someone (as it may be his style or way and make sure it can hurt in another way) 
  • If you are corrected, take it positively and smile. You may also be either thankful or sorry for the inconvenience for mis-conversation. It shows your gratefulness in your personality. 

7. Active listening

A bad listener can never be a good speaker. Active listening techniques introduce you to new words, ways, expressions and more. It may also introduce you to correct words that you may have been using wrongly till date. If you listen less and talk a lot, keep in mind that you are not interacting. The listener would then be less interested in what you speak. 

8. Reading writing and conversation

Learning concepts and writing it in your words & way not only widens your knowledge but also lets you stay updated. Whoever you are, however old you are, whatever your goal be, if you have included reading and writing as your hobby everyday, you’re enhancing your perspective, thinking and speaking abilities on any topic no matter from whichever area. 

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The Final Line

In these article, we discuss 8 Tips: How Can I Improve My Communication Skills.

  • How can I improve my communication skills
  • Fluency in delivering takes time & needs practice
  • Prefer conceptual talking only
  • Keep on check on your expression and gestures¬†
  • Try enhancing your vocabulary
  • Active listening techniques are a brilliant way to learn sooner
  • Speak with manners
  • Include reading, writing, and conversation in your hobby

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