Body Language in Communication

5 Formulas to Stop Struggling With Body Language in Communication

Is your personality deprived of good body language of communication? 

Does it really make sense to have a perfect personality with imperfection of body language! 

Let’s fulfill the loopholes that’s letting you struggle with body language in 5 strong ways. 

To enhance any of the skills like personality development, communication skills, body language or emotional intelligence, you need a path and one who may guide you to it. Today everything being too commercial, these basic and most essential skills are ignored. But to aspire, you just need a motive.

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What is Body Language in Communication?

Before answering to what is body language in communication, firstly is body language a language? 

Answer to ‘is body language a language’ is a complete yes. While you are conveying your message through your voice, from facial expressions to your body movements, your body language is addressing your true feelings with the fact spoken by you, simultaneously. Hence proved, body language is a language. 

Body language of communication simply approves of what we say. It is obvious that during exams, you won’t be laughing, or your body won’t let you laugh rather, which signifies your seriousness at that moment. Similarly, body language skills depict what you mean, your motive and feelings, through exact expressions at that specific moment. 

Body Language Types

Logically, human body language can be classified into two types: 

  • Positive body language
  • Negative body language

Positive body language

Since the school age, we all were taught to sit straight in the class, stand up to wish the teacher, and talk softly in the class which are the few best examples of positive body language. The movements or expressions of our body that show our positive side refers to positive body language. 

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Negative body language

Our expressions or body language can be immediate effects of the feelings at the specific moment. But it may have a negative influence on the audience sometime. For instance, crossing arms depicts being defensive, yawning shows that you are least interested . The specific expressions that can impact negatively on the observer refers to the negative type of body language. 

What is the Importance of Body Language in Communication?

Body language interprets you with body movements, gestures and expressions.

If you are failing to show up, it means you are failing to ensure that you can do it. Perfect professional body language helps you achieve your goals, in whichever profession you are.

Body language impacts on the observer

As heard before, ‘you are 25% of what you show and 75% of how you show. Your expressions & presentation quality remain constant, the spectator or observe may vary. Wrong eye contact, watching time repeatedly, being confused, clumsy or extremely hurried with what you say are some signs of wrong body language. 

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Following are the significance of body language in communication 

Roles of body language in communication

As perfectly said- 

“Action speaks more than your words.” Body language plays an imperative role in every aspect and all areas of one’s life. From leading a team in the corporate world to performing open mic before a large audience, the role of body language is diverse. As per different professions, some of the roles are stated below. 

Role in corporate world

Any organization avoids working with nervous dumb and perplexed employees. Though being complex, demonstration of confident expressions at the very right moment, lets you win in the long run. From explaining your presentation to handling the client companies, body language is the most important aspect of the modern corporate world. 

Role in education

It is needless to say that having a responsibility to motivate, encourage and educate in society, one ought to have appropriate expressions and gestures. While communicating and explaining your ideas, accurate hand and facial expressions are needed.

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Even in the primitive age as a student, maintaining disciplines majorly includes correct expressions & body language before your tutor. Debates, school drama, and other curriculum activities are performed by the students to grow up with absolute body language abilities. 

Role in entertainment industry

If you are presenting to a large audience, your body movement, expressions, and gestures are monetized. If you lack expectable expressions, the journey of the entertainment industry is not meant for you. From delivering the given dialogue in your own remarkable way, acting in dramatic scenes, leading the direction to face millions of people every couple of days, this industry seeks a sound knowledge of body language.

5 Formulas to Stop Struggling of Body Language in Communication

One of the most necessary skills for personality development, the body language in nonverbal communication needs no books or videos as such to learn it. There are simply 5  formulas to stop struggling of body language of communication :

1. Dance or yoga 

Both dance and yoga makes our body swift and flexible enough to develop unique and random body languages or expressions every now and then.

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2. Mirror practice

Be it for your interview, meeting or none of the both, body language can be needed at any span of life. Just 15 minutes practice five times per week may let you learn how you react to different circumstances explaining a topic. 

3. Disciplined life

Body language must be less a practice, more a way of life. Styled and disciplined versions of yours would never make faults in general expressions or gestures wherever needed. 

4. Taking feedbacks

Ask for feedback whenever possible. Were you able to make the conversation easier? 

Were you distracting or displeasing? Were you too serious or too dumb? Generally, you don’t get exact feedback, but in case you receive it, work on yourself accordingly. 

5. Following an ideal

Following an ideal automatically leads you to the path you need a guide for. Watch him/her how to react and learn. This is the best formula among all the rest formulas to maintain the best body language.

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How to Appear Powerful With Body Language?

In the era of being a dominating personnel, the clarity in ‘how well can you express’ is the most required skill. Expectations are made that your body speaks with you. Here are some do’s and don’ts about ‘how to appear powerful with body language’ 


  • Maintain a perfect straight posture whenever you sit or stand. 
  • Balance your communication with hand expressions (only when needed)
  • Have an attentive facial expression 
  • Behave natural (except acting defensive) 
  • Talk softly but be direct 
  • Maintain an eye contact
  • End with ‘glad to meet you’, in addition to a smile.


  • Avoid sneezing or coughing a lot 
  • Never stand or sit leaning your back
  • Avoid yawning 
  • Don’t interrupt in the middle of a conversation (say sorry if you mistakenly did) 
  • Avoid smiling or giggling unnecessarily
  • Never shake your leg (if you are habitual, you have to get rid of it)
  • Never frown
  • Don’t overreact to something 

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