We have come forward to give a new direction to your way of living. Our principles are to associate you with better ways and days than yesterday’s. we work to exhibit enhanced version of you at the end of the day.We’ve come around individuals with unique challenges to which we listen closely and put empathy first across our organization. In everything from our personal perspectives to our commitment and inclusivity, you’ll see that we feel with you.

Kartik Yadav

Founder & Ceo

I’m Kartik Yadav I love reading about lifestyle and health since childhood. I have also given health and lifestyle knowledge to many people that have changed their lives. That’s when I realized that I could use this knowledge to help anyone in the world who was stuck somewhere in their lives and I share this information through our blog Lifestylerealm.

At Lifestylerealm we cover all the topics of lifestyle and health and share valuable knowledge to continuously discover better ways, better ideas, and better perspectives.

Aditi Jha

Co-Founder & Content writer

I’m Aditi Jha, from Calcutta, West Bengal, pursuing bachelors in accounts honours. I’m passionate about writing, blogging, photography, & traveling. Being keen observer & citizen of overthinker world, I’m great analyst with a habit of putting down my views and enhancing stuffs. As a content management personnel, it’s been few couples of months but best times following my Passion. Currently I’m into authorship of “Lifestyle Realm – Design your own life”, where you can go through my blogs about health, lifestyle & immunity, love and relationships, career guidance and more. Latest of my blog is “What’s ketogenic diet?”, Is the diet harmful? But then why & to whom is it recommended? Be a very 1st reader to a strange, dangerous as well as important diet.